Our Mission At Horizon Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing quality products and services, Coordination for delivery of our services is tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. Quality assurance is our specialty.
Horizon Logistics

maintains a network of strategic partners in many areas  such as product design, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of products and services to various industries nationwide. These companies are leaders in their industries (Olympia, Nexteer, Chrysler, MGM, Comerica, PDATC, RPM, Comerica Park, Hopeful Rubber, MATRO, PPG, Lord Corporation, Dow Chemical, Sherwin Williams, ULine Corp., Detroit Chemical, Staples Corp., Air Tech Corp., XPO Corp., Fox Associates).

Our Products and Services


     All Janitorial Products

     All Paper Products

     Paints & Lubricants

     Adhesives & Cleaning Products

     Rubber/Plastics Products

     Aluminum & Zinc Products

     Prototyping Services

     Die Casting Products and Services



 Our commitment is one stop shopping and providing smart and efficient solutions. Logistics management. Supply chain.  What Can Horizon Logistics Do For You 1. Cost Effective Solutions 2. Rapid Turnaround 3. Strategic Buying 4. Vendor Relations 5. Transporting & Logistics 6. Warehousing Consolidation Horizon: more than a logistics company
 CEO Kyria E. Gore President T. Gore Horizon Logistics Inc. is registered as a corporation and member of NMSDC. If you require a copy, one will be provided upon request. Minority Business
Horizon Logistics Inc. is a Distributor

We bring the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to customize a program for your specific business.  Increase efficiency by leveraging your supplier relations.




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